Your preferred wine may reveal your personality !

What kind of wine you chose definitely depends of your mood but also can tell more about your personality.

Red wine drinkers are more likely to love to travel and enjoy early mornings

White wine lovers consider themselves night owl and homebodies.

Red wine drinkers love dogs and like punk/popular music

White wine drinkers love cats and listen to jazz music.

If you like red wine you may consider yourself adventures , humble and organized.

At the same time white wine lovers curious ,sarcastic and perfectionist.

Red wine lovers are slightly more knowledgeable and willing to spend up to $40 for a bottle of wine which is $3 less than white wine drinkers

I’m definitely Red wine drinker .!!!!!!

The survey was conducted by OnePoll in May 2019 and included 2000 Americans who drinks 4 glasses of wine per week.

Survey showed that favorite place to drink wine is at home and all of wine drinkers said that they are trying to avoid wasting wine and they are consuming three bottles of wine per week.

What do you prefer ?

Comment below your choice and do you agree with the survey?