I’m the girl that enjoys wine every night. Occasionally during lunch too .


This habit could be expensive. Luckily many wineries recognized that average wine consumer is not wine expert and have average income.Those fancy visits to the romantic wineries and swirl , smell and taste doesn’t fit in our “normal “ life between kids , work and household chores. We are lucky if we have half hour on the patio or balcony after kids are in bed , or in the home office once we finally turn out computer .

Washington State wine

That is why for last 10 years I’m enjoying in the world of wine in local grocery store. Mostly under $20.

Italian wine

My goal is to introduce you to the awesome selection of wines so on your next trip to your local grocery or department store wine selection is quick and with confidence of wine expert.

I will simply describe the kind , region, what grape is used , flavors and price .

If you think that grocery stores have generic , boring selection you will be surprised . Many of places have awesome, excellent, exciting selection many times for less than if you go straight to wineries.

I just started my Facebook Page : Wine Is Password To The World where you can follow me and start experiencing new approach on drinking wine.

I believe that wine needs to match the person so please comment here below on on my page what is your opinion on recommend wines .

French wine

In the case you don’t like the wine you purchased just add sparkling water to white wine and Sprite or Coca Cola to red wine and create tasty cocktail .

Enjoy glass of wine alone or with your favorite people , follow ,like and comment here or on my page.

Cheers 🍷🌎👠